VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Here are some great photo’s from Jim, N6TQ,  taken in and around Atlas Cove:


Arliss, W7XU


Atlas Cove


The Laurens Penninsula



Adam took some pictures of Jim recording weather data for a a school in Tiburon, CA that we featured earlier in this blog:



Jim, N6TQ

And great photos from Dave, WJ2O:


The HDT Tent Heater


160M vertical and 4 square in the flooded Nullabor


Braveheart Crew pictures


And Dave, WJ2O, with new friends . . .


Dave took a picture of the patch panels that I built – its great to see them in action!


You can also see the very nice HDT flooring. Having the HDT gear makes all the difference in the world when you are in a polar or subantarctic location!

73, Rich KY6R

5 thoughts on “Photo’s from Jim, N6TQ, Adam, K2ARB and Dave, WJ2O

  1. julius martinez says:

    nice photos Jim 73 ! from julius DY2JVD Baguio city Philippines…

  2. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Thank you for another great set of photos! Everything is very interesting too. Amazing how well those vertical antennas stood up to the harsh weather!

    That patch panel is a brilliant design! Being able to see what is going on behind the panel makes it so easy to ensure everything is going where it should!

    Those ever present penguins are going to miss the company of the VK0EK Team 🙂

    73, Jan

  3. Nice PATCH on the red and white jacket! 3Y0X

    Really ENJOY the photos and W5KUB links !

    DX RULES !!!


    Wild Bill N2WB

  4. Heikki Keto says:

    Subject: Pictures, English language etc.

    Great stuff, Jim, Adam and Dave! As a former semi-professional photographer (meaning like, I did make some money out of photos with magazines etc.), since tens of years, mainly in black and white in those days, I love these photos (not photo’s, please). As it happens, I am an English teacher by training. An American radio amateur friend once said, “There seems no way of correcting the grammar of some people, like the use of its and it’s. An estimated 95 per cent of Americans get those two wrong, so I’ve given up”. WHAT THE HECK is so difficult about it, ITS means “of it* and IT’S means “it is”! Didn’t your first grade teacher tell you the difference? She should have been fired in 1929! English spelling of course is too difficult for the “native” speakers (much easier for others like myself, a foreigner with some 7 languages which I know more or less fluently, plus some more well enough to buy bread, butter, and vegetables, whichever the country might be (I did live in Pakistan a couple of years but picked up only a few phrases in Urdu, Pashtu and Farsi). For goodness’s sakes, if you did not learn it in school, PLEASE learn your spelling at some break while not chasing DX! Not to mention, with all due respect, our beloved Dr. Bob’s 3Y0PI book which was a language catastrophy (apart from the familiar its and it’s mixup, best of them was perhaps “hanger” like a coat hanger for “hangar”). In general, it was a great book though, with my close friend Peter ON5TT much in the center of it… What I told Peter at the time was that even if you are a PhD, it does not necessarily mean that you can write correct English! Apparently Bob was at the time not bothered with having anyone check his text. (This refers also to a British colleague of mine in Zaire whose French I was correcting and who said, but I have the “A” level in French, to which I replied that it does not mean your French is perfect. What she liked even less was when I corrected her English… As for any text, I would simply recommend that when someone tries to write something in English, they should use a (competent) editor/proofreader. Or stay away. Someone once said, “what is badly said, is badly thought”.

    Have I sidestepped, or gone off the handle? The handle is many decades long (my ham licence dates to August 1957 and my English to 1950 but I don’t insist it is perfect)! Go, then, all you umpteen possible commentators on telling me wtf if you don’t (not dont) understand what I am talking about. It’s (it is, not its) about the English language, for Pete’s sake! Would be lovely to see a hundred badly spelled comments…

    Maybe I should tell the crowd that I was a wanted DX in my time: C31QJ, 9Q5UN, 7P8FE, 7Q7UN, so I think can pretend that I know something of that end of the pileup. Which was already unbearable at times. The “best” part, or rather the opposite, was perhaps when a world-famous British DX operator, then in Swaziland (while i was running a pileup in Lesotho), stole my frequency! Too bad for those who missed 7P8 at that time.

    Wishing all the best to the VK0EK team and sorry but the Frenchies at Ft4JA are going to beat the QSO record. Such an unfortunate difference in conditions, and WOW the effort of the boys down there! Just go on till the last minute on Sunday!

    Vy 73,

    Hank OH2TW/F5VGS

    1. Heikki Keto says:

      Sorry for the bother as I continue. Please don’t look for ON5TT who might well exist, but my friend Peter is and always was ON6TT! My mistake, due to either a slip of the mind or laziness for not checking. In the course of years, Peter has carried umpteen callsigns in exotic locations, starting with 7Q7XT in Malawi where we battled the pileups each in turn. In the VK0IR pedition in 1997 he was the head of the team, praised by all and sundry.

      The current expedition to Heard Island is far from saying its last word. In due course, we shall see the results of the scientific part which will probably prove the bad news on the climate change. I do not want to call out the world’s governments on this but brothers and sisters, we are in a bad way! I should call myself lucky not to be there when the excrement hits the ventilator and entire nations get submerged. (Am now 78 years old and counting…)

      Back to other parts of science on Heard Island. One of the most fascinating items in Dr. Bob’s earlier stories is that of the tardigrades. The “funny” thing is that we all have been eating them, for exemple in salads, and vegetarians more than others! Those lovely microscopic, invisible water bears…

      I am following the VK0EK expedition by the minute, now it is not clear if they are staying the extra day (looks like they are not), as the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Just go for the best and don’t take risks. It is now about survival, not about QSO’s!

      Hank OH2TW/F5VGS

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