VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Our very good friend and world class DX-er, Graham, VK6RO, alerted us to a beautiful Australian Heard Island commemorative:

I’m not a stamp collector – but I do want to order this first day cover set.

Here is the link to the PDF for the “full story”:


Thanks very much Graham – these are beautiful!


Photo by Dr. Scott Wright, K0MD

SWODXA, the Southwest Ohio DX Association held their annual DX Dinner, which is an associated event, coinciding with Dayton Hamvention.

At the dinner, NC1L, Bill Moore (SK) was inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame as was Jerry, WB9Z.

Then the big announcement was made and the VK0EK Team was very happy and want to thank SWODXA and all of our sponsors, and the entire DX Community for helping make VK0EK Happen!

Bob, KK6EK will present the Sunday breakfast Keynote at Visalia this weekend, and his talk is “The Future of DXpeditioning and DXing”. A must see.
Radio Team Leader, Dave, K3EL will also attend – so please look him up.

I’m so surprised – almost shocked – that VK0EK is on the cover of the 2016 DXCC Yearbook. We were the cover award winners for the ARRL Yearly DX Issue of QST (my childhood dream magazine), and took over DX Magazine’s January / February issue – including the cover of Carl’s fabulous magazine – I honestly don’t know what is left or what to expect.

What an honor – and man am I happy.

When I asked an NCDXF Board Member what he thought the biggest measure of success was for a DXpedition, he said “A significant achievement is for a DXpedition to work Uniques in the 20 – something percentile range”.  I am also very glad to see that the drop in the position on the Most Wanted List – curated by Clublog, (the de-facto standard) is now 25, which is 20 positions lower than a year ago. That is something that I hoped to see – to drop to #25 or lower.

A hearty congratulations to the VK0EK Team!

[UPDATE: glad I caught that screen snap of hitting #25. With the deletion of Kure and Midway changes the list – but relatively speaking – the team still dropped down the list that was in place at the time they were on the air – which is what matters]

Dr. Bill Mitchell (AE0EE) setting up a Gigapan image at the Windy City outcrop, Heard Island. Image credit: Carlos Nascimento NP4IW

Dr. Bill Mitchell (AE0EE) setting up a Gigapan image at the Windy City outcrop, Heard Island.
Image credit: Carlos Nascimento NP4IW

Over at The Inquisitive Rockhopper blog, Bill (AE0EE) has put together a series of posts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) showcasing interesting geologic features and outcrops at Heard Island, including Windy City (seen above). These are meant as a virtual field trip, providing access to Heard Island for all those who are unable to go themselves. The last post in the series is about Bill’s favorite outcrop on the island, and has a corresponding video that provides additional perspectives on it.

In large part, this geo-imaging project was made possible through a partnership with Prof. Callan Bentley of Northern Virginia Community College, supported by the GEODE project through NSF DUE 1323419. Prof. Bentley advertised on his blog that he had a robotic camera mount for taking high-resolution panoramic pictures—and the software to stitch them together—available to scientists traveling to interesting locations to take pictures to make these places more accessible. After a brief email exchange, we secured the loan of one of the units for the Heard Island expedition. Although the conditions in the field made it difficult to get the camera out, we hope that you will enjoy the results of this partnership.


Mike, KJ4Z, the brains behind the VK0LD operation, which was the first remote operation from a Top 10 DX Entity, is sending QSL’s out to the lucky 43 who managed to make a QSO with that special event callsign.

Here is a sample of that QSL / Letter:


Please check with Mike – and request yours today!