VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

25 thoughts on “Lets Get You in the Log!

  1. Hans says:

    YES We still need 28 mc qso here in Scandinavia. BUT we feel you leave 28 mc too early.
    Today we heard very very weak on 28 ssb.Hope for another day tomorrow or day after.
    We have best condx from 0700 gmt until at least 1300 gmt.Thanks in advance.SM6CVX

  2. Luis botella says:

    Simply extraordinay work..Tanks for giving me the last DXCC ..

  3. john seibert says:

    80 meter cw 0036 utc 6 april beautiful operating, persistence, and toleration on ur part, TNX whoever you are! hr 100w to a high dipole in trees. happiness at the retirement home setting!! k3bsy cw op on et3zu/a sept 1971

  4. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Some of those call signs look VERY familiar after watching Bill’s show ๐Ÿ™‚

    73, Jan

  5. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Sorry! Meant to also say great cartoon! Wish so much that I could stand in line too for a helping, but conditions are terrible at this QTH…

    1. k1nss says:

      Thank you for the compliment Jan, better luck in the remaining days I hope! 73 de Jeff K1NSS

  6. Russell Hibma says:

    Still haven’t heard a peep the whole time, still waiting

  7. luciano says:

    in this valley of tears it was very difficult to log on compliments and thanks

  8. Richard Dabney says:

    I’ve not been able to hear you on any bands since the beginning of the Dxpedition. We’ve tried hard but no copy.
    Will keep trying ’til the last day.

    ’73 de Dick K6BZZ
    Maricopa AZ

  9. Wow – that is so cool!! Thank you for the honor of including me in that amazing artwork!!! And thanks for the QSOs!
    73 de WY7YL

  10. Andy says:

    Love the cartoon, but can you imagine the scene with some SE & E European prefixes on the caps, there’d be one big melee around an upturned soup pot with feathers flying everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good work guys, but I can echo the leaving 10m a bit too early.

    1. k1nss says:

      Thank you for the good word and funny comments Andy! Yes, this orderly dispensing of New One Soup may not exactly be Cartoon vรฉritรฉ, but think of it as a snapshot in time when ham radio’s Better Angels were not on coffee break and ionospherically arrayed in full riot gear, such that everyone was curiously just getting along. 73 de Jeff K1NSS

  11. Reblogged this on Katydid's Creations and commented:
    Ham radio is alive and well….and at the bottom of the earth near Antarctica on Heard Island! I was lucky enough to talk to the guys down there, once with my voice and once using Morse Code. My callsign WY7YL is in this original artwork by Jeff, K1NSS – a talented ham and artist!

    1. k1nss says:

      Thank you very much Katie, the cartoon was a collaboration with KY6R and it was our pleasure to place your call in the mix…a little bird told us of your good fortune! 73 Jeff K1NSS

      1. Well thanks Jeff, it sure made my day!! I’d love to know if you will be making that artwork available for sale – that would be a great piece to hang in our shack! (even if it didn’t have my callsign in it)

  12. Mike Cornwall says:

    Got to hear you first. No phone here in central NA. You’ve got to do some phone QSOs. You have been inaudible here at KB9WQJ.

  13. K2HAT Lee Hatfield says:

    Very neat idea, and I am honored to be in the log and also shown as a “Penguin” in line for “soup”.

    A tip of the Hat, to all involved with the DXpedition and the support for it, from so many folks.

    Great Drawing by the talented Jeff Murray K1NSS. ๐Ÿ™‚
    73 K2HAT

    1. k1nss says:

      Lee, many TNX from Rich and me! 73 Jeff K1NSS

  14. Jose Antonio says:

    Thanks for being there for us. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to hear you in central Mexico perhaps you should try 40M SSB around 2:00-4:00 UTC

    Best 73’s de XE1AC

  15. Al Bailey says:

    I have been holding of to make a QSO on a band I need which is 10, 12 and 160. Thought I had a QSO on 12 but nada so have been trying every morning without fail. A couple others up here need it so will continue.
    In the meantime just so I can get your card I am going to work you on a band I do not need. Hope I don’t beat out one of the bingo players.

  16. Ed Swiderski says:

    Heard you guys for a brief moment last week and nothing since. Propagation hasn’t been good for me in SE USA. I’m hoping for just one 20m SSB QSO. KU4BP

  17. MIKE says:

    Ive been listening from Central Arkansas from day 1 and not one peep. Most bands are not working for me im sure most use beams and stuff my little Dipole not getting it done will listen more to see where you guys pop up…..Thanks for doing this DXpedition.

    73’s KC5YWN MIKE

  18. Joe Sands says:

    Zero Zip Nada in Southern Nevada. It’s a shame that Spit Bay didn’t work out. Lots of disappointed W6/W7’s…. Assuming I Live into my 80’s hopefully the next expedition will operate from Spit since the last two haven’t.


    Joe W7UV

  19. A Davidson says:

    Another “Rubber Duckie” DXpedition from an “UnHeard” location. I’d be prepared to donate some propagation charts and a beam or two to improve the situation!

  20. Dan walker says:

    After over a week of just trying to hear VK0EK the magic came together on April 2 at 0511z they were actually 589 on my
    TS-130V’s S meter & my 19 yr dream came true working Heard Is. for # 344 QRP, Tnx team Dan WG5G/QRP.

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