VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

The LOG is N1MM+ which DXA reads and sends back to a replica in the US. Therefore – DXA is the LOG. If you see your QSO in DXA, then you are in the log and should not have to worry about making a second “insurance QSO” for that band slot. Please bookmark this link and use it while you are making QSO’s – you will find that its a valuable resource:


For Early Donors or anyone who checks out using our order page (accessed from DXA), your LOTW and Clublog data will be uploaded within hours of making the QSO (if you are an early donor), or within hours if you check out of the store.

Everyone will eventually get LOTW and Clublog credit, so no purchase is required. We just wanted to give a special “express” thank you to our financial supporters.

Please see both the DXA and QSL pages for more details.

31 thoughts on “LOG

  1. Ed Hughes says:

    This looks great ! I look forward to (hopefully) use it to order some qsl cards !!
    de Ed KG4W

    1. Tino VK3EGN says:

      Great feeling to get QSO, and joy to make $100 donation.
      DXCC#339 for me, only FT4JA to go.
      Rich, please make sure you update me on LOTW.
      Big thanks to entire team!

      1. ky6r says:

        Thanks Tino – I have added you to the list. You should see LOTW soon. 73 – Rich

  2. We are delighted and looking forward to work a DXpedition so “close” to South Africa.
    Our keen DXers are ready to fill your log and even the QRP stations are looking forward as they do not have to compete with the “DX Wall”

    Have a fantastic time on the Island and looking forward to working all you nice gentleman. Your efforts are well noted ~ Tnx

    de Ben ZS1AX

    1. ky6r says:

      We look forward to getting you in the log. I talk to Tom, ZS1AFS most weekends on 14.205 at 1530z



  3. richard says:


    1. ky6r says:

      Good luck in the pileups and thanks to all ZS hams for making the VK0EK Team feel so welcomed in South Africa!



  4. Tim - K7XC says:

    A very impressive, well organized, team of known to be “Competent” people on track to tackling a very difficult task in hopefully magnificent fashion! That being said we all know “Excrement Happens”… Here’s to your group’s ability to adapt on the fly and “Get Er Done!” If I was a few pounds lighter I would be very jealous, but as it is have done all I can on my end to put VK0EX in the log!

    I would like to wish you all the best of luck and safe travels! Remember… this is about “Having Fun!” so take the time to pause along the way and appreciate the thing your doing, how wonderful and rare these things are in our lives, and ENJOY IT!

    PS: Take pictures…, LOTS OF PICTURES!

    73s de Tim – K7XC – DM09jh. . . sk

    Adapt, Overcome, Succeed! ! !

    1. ky6r says:

      Thanks Tim – and best luck in the pileups.



  5. Saki says:

    This will be definitely the best DXpedition ever. Thanks a lot and thumbs up to the whole team. I am looking forward to catch you on the air.

    All the best and THUMBS UP TO ALL OF YOU –

    Vy 73’s de DD5XX

  6. Gregory Mitchell-W2MYA says:

    Really looking forward to working you guys on both modes.I don’t need a half dozen band slots,but will be happy

    to give you a rept/contact wherever possible.. Gud Luk es Vy 73, Greg-W2MYA

  7. Juan M Morey Estarellas says:

    It´s hard to do a “better” DX-ped, as the last ones have been super, but I will bet for yours. Good luck, and thanks in advance, Vy 73 Juan Ea6LP

  8. Congrats, finally a DXped with some GOOD ops! Will be looking for you In the pile-ups, GOOD LUCK!

  9. Val N4RJ says:

    Best of luck and weather for one of the most planned Expeditions ever. Long haul and short window but am hoping for a Top Band QSO.
    73 and warm wishes

  10. Larry says:

    Hope to work you on either 30 or 17. Only dipole antennas so it will be tough. Look forward to hearing your sigs. Stay warm. 73

  11. Mike VK2IG says:

    Does the QSO Search function on DXA search the whole log, or just those QSOs displayed on the page at the time?

    When I worked VK0EK on 20m, the search function replied with the message that I was in the log, and highlighted my call in the list of worked stations (on the right-hand side of the page). Subsequent searches on my call result in a message “I’m sorry but you are not in the log yet …”.

    Is there a log search which checks the whole log?

    1. ky6r says:

      Please make sure to click the little magnifying glass when you search.

  12. Ziv Amit says:

    4Z4OQ – weak but workable – 3 bands and more to come 🙂

  13. Johannes says:


    tnx for great DXpedition.
    just worked you on 30m CW (25.3.16; 21:19 UTC) unfortunately you logged me (DL5RDI) as BD5RDI.

    Pse correct the log – 73 de Johannes

    P.s. loocking forward to work you on other bands –

    1. ky6r says:

      Please use the “Contact Us” link to report this and we will take care of it . . .

  14. Jim - W2JLK says:

    Awesome technology and DXpedition organization. Considering this operation is from one of most remote places on Earth, the DXA technology is really a fantastic DXpedition achievement and improvement. On 3/25 I worked VK0EK but because of an interfering DX cop did not notice that the VK0EK op (that wasn’t you was it Dave?!!) missed the first “dit” from the L in my call, W2JLK, transforming MY qso into a very easy, free contact for W2JDK!! I wouldn’t have caught this – maybe completely missed an ATNO – if it wasn’t for DXA technology!! But all’s well – I did get a verified Q the next night and confirmation in LotW within 5 minutes!! Really amazing! Tnx to all the team for an VY FB DXpedition. (Regards to Bob and Dave from the Morristown HS kids as well) 73, Jim

  15. Felice says:

    Great operators. I worked you in 5 bands in 2days with the QRM’ers on frequency, but your signal was very stable. Fantastic DXA technology for this DX-Expedition. My compliments for the organization in every little particulares.
    73, Felice

  16. Sergey says:

    Fb job. guys! Fantastic ears! Great operator! Tnx first call on 80 m QSO ATNO !

  17. great operator! thank you great new one!. greetings from PY2KNK . i hope make more contact another bands!!

  18. Franco says:

    Hi the Team,
    Today,28 March,I’ve had a qso with the op.Rudi on 24.950 ssb at 12:02 utc and I have received 59 very clear,confirming my call,IZ5YHD,100%.
    But,later on,cheking the log,I’ve been so disappointed to notice that I was not logged.
    So,please,would you be so kind to chek it too and correct the eventual mistake?Many tnx for your kind attention.
    73 de IZ5YHD Franco

  19. Al - N1API says:

    DXA is a great tool for following the operation! Probably the best one yet! Perhaps expand it to show your transmit frequency for each mode. Is it something you can offer to the DX community for others DXpeditions? It cuts WAY down on the ‘Where are they” questions on the cluster.

  20. Ishi, JA7AUM says:

    Thanks for the 80m CW QSO this morning. You were just making CQ and It was a rare chance with my 200W small pistol.
    It was also a small pistol donation, but it was worthwhile for your efforts. Thanks. ishi, JA7AUM

  21. steve jobes w1dxh says:

    Love the DXA website, very informative great design. Thanks for all your efforts it was great to be able to work you. 73, Steve Jobes W1DXH

  22. Hans Peter Schaufelberger says:

    Still trying since days to get u. No success. Sri, but wrked VK0JS in 1983 with beam and high power, now running 100W and vertical, due to age . But u do a great job, admiring u. 73 frm Peter HB9IK

  23. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reach 340 DXCC . Beautiful activation. Best 73′ to all. Sante iz6cst

  24. kang sung min (DS4DRE) says:

    tnx for great DXpedition.
    MY 80m CW (06.04.16; 21:21 UTC) unfortunately you logged me
    DS5TRE -> DS4DRE
    Pse correct the log – 73 de KANG

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