VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


HDT Global Airbeam Tents – Photo by Adam, K2ARB. 

Bob explains what work they will be doing today to prepare the tents for Heard Island:

Sunday Audio Log – Preparing the Airbeam Tents


Tents before inflating, Photo by Bob, KK6EK


Some of the VK0EK team had training at HDT Headquarters in Virginia last November. They are now teaching the Braveheart crew and other VK0EK Team members who could not meet at HDT HQ.


Side view of tents on dock, Photo by Bob, KK6EK


Inside one of the HDT Airbeam tents. These tents inflate in 10 – 15 minutes allowing a “fast strike” setup in a cold and windy environment. They also come with diesel heaters and a full electrical and ventilation system. When ganged together – they add additional strength – perfect for the wind and weather on Heard Island. The tents also have rigid and insulated flooring. Finally, another sponsor, SoundSeal has provided soundproof “curtains” that will allow multiple groups to co-habitate and work in one tent.

Photo by Bob, KK6EK


The VK0EK equipment – all radio, laptop, network equipment are in the green cases. In the back you can see an air compressor and diesel heater for the tents. In the foreground, the flooring for the tents.

The VK0EK Team as well as the Braveheart Team worked together to practice putting up the tents (which Orkin will fumigate to eliminate bio risks). All equipment in this building will also be processed per the AAD (Australian Antarctic Division) requirements. The idea is to preventing the introduction of alien species on Heard Island, and all staff and procedures will be followed before the equipment is loaded on to the Braveheart. Even the Braveheart itself will undergo rigorous processing to ensure it adheres to the AAD’s requirements.


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