VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Braveheart tied up at V&A Wharf in Cape Town. Photo by Adam, K2ARB


Fred, KM4KXD at the pier side depot. Thanks to preparatory work by Paul, ZS1S, and the Harbormaster, this has been provided as a courtesy by the Cape Town Harbormaster’s Office at no cost to VK0EK. Photo by Adam, K2ARB


Unloading expedition gear at our quayside storage depot in Cape Town’s V&A waterfront. Photo by Adam, K2ARB.


The company that will fumigate the VK0EK gear. Photo by Bob, KK6EK


(L to R): Arliss, W7XU, Ken, KG2H, Paul, ZS1S, Fred, KM4KXD, Nigel Jolly, Braveheart Skipper. Photo by Bob, KK6EK


Dockside testing of the HDT Air Beam Tents. Photo by Adam, K2ARB

Here is an audio message from Bob, KK6EK on the scene:


3 thoughts on “Cape Town Preparations: Meet the Braveheart!

  1. KC9SGV says:

    Hi Guys,

    Please use the SA Maritime Mobile Net for position reports, weather, general interest, etc. Their website/blog is here: http://www.sammnet.com

    There are also several Winlink HF RMS’s in Southern Africa and Mauritius for your free usage. Please update your RMS Express or Airmail channel lists to see these stations show up on the software. They are: ZS1RS, ZS5BG, V51PJ, C91PM and 3B8DU. RMS Express can now also access Winlink email via IridiumGO satellite communicator.

    Best 73, Bernard KC9SGV / ZS4BDK Chicago.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. David Lloyd says:

    Great to see the progress you’ve made already. Looking forward to being there in a couple of days.

    73, Dave, K3EL

    1. Carlos says:

      Team, great job. I’ll see you in CT Tuesday. Carlos

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