VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Bob, KK6EK will present the Sunday breakfast Keynote at Visalia this weekend, and his talk is “The Future of DXpeditioning and DXing”. A must see.
Radio Team Leader, Dave, K3EL will also attend – so please look him up.

2 thoughts on “VK0EK at Visalia 2017

  1. Bernard F6BCC says:

    Dear OMs
    When it will be possible for the next expedition ..i hope to get a contact with my little station on any band or and modes .
    The expedition before ..i Have no succès !hi
    Have a nice preparation …I’ll want to get more information if it’s possible to f6bcc”qrz.com”
    e.mail lecomte.b@wanadoo.fr
    All the best

    1. ky6r says:

      Hello Bernard – I do not know when the next DXpedition will go to Heard Island.

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