VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

When I asked an NCDXF Board Member what he thought the biggest measure of success was for a DXpedition, he said “A significant achievement is for a DXpedition to work Uniques in the 20 – something percentile range”.  I am also very glad to see that the drop in the position on the Most Wanted List – curated by Clublog, (the de-facto standard) is now 25, which is 20 positions lower than a year ago. That is something that I hoped to see – to drop to #25 or lower.

A hearty congratulations to the VK0EK Team!

[UPDATE: glad I caught that screen snap of hitting #25. With the deletion of Kure and Midway changes the list – but relatively speaking – the team still dropped down the list that was in place at the time they were on the air – which is what matters]

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