VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

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The first team members will arrive in Cape Town today, and several others start their flights over the next couple of days. This VK0EK Blog Site is now switching over to “DXpedition Mode”.

DXpedition Mode is where we will concentrate on everything DX and DXpedition. You will notice over the next few days changes that accentuate this. Some of the sections that used to be on this site can be found in their entirety on


But have been replaced by new sections such as “How to Work Us”. Later today, the banner will show the planned Voyage dates and On Air dates – which is the number one question we have received so far. Second to that have been propagation questions.

The Support Site is up and running and working very well. It handles everything and anything that you might have questions or concerns with, from propagation questions to souvenir order questions. You can find the Support System here:


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