VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

The Heard Island Expedition Audio Log captures verbal reports for the expedition, and enable you to play them on a webbrowser
When you select a log entry, the player plays it!
Feb. 22, 2016. We are excited to announce the implementation of the Heard Island AudioLog.

This service enables us to call on a telephone from the any location (including from Heard Island!), and make an audio recording. The system automatically captures the audio track, and provides it online for anyone to listen with any browser.

You can listen to the initial recording made in the past two days by going tohttps://media.vk0ek.org. When you chose a log entry (“Listen”), the player will start. The date-time that the track was recorded is shown on the player, and the duration of the track is shown below. You can player it again if you wish, or go to a different track.

The AudioLog was implemented by our local support team member Mike Coffey KJ4Z, who also is responsible for completing the souvenir store.

The Audio Log entries will be posted on VK0EK.ORG daily in the News section.

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