VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

pic 1
Working up the VKØEK inventory. (top) Jim N6TQ and Peter W6DEI stack shipping containers in preparation for matching containers and contents. (middle) Eduardo K6EGF and Dave K3EL sort and stack some of the coax. (bottom) Rich KY6R and Peter W6DEI begin the sorting of the various tent anchors. Rich is trying them out as ski poles!
Sep. 13, 2015. On Sunday, the California VKØEK Support Team and four expedition team members continued the process of acquiring and preparing the equipment for the Heard Island expedition.

A fraction of the equipment that we will take to Heard Island is already at the warehouse in Richmond, CA. This includes the wagon, various shipping containers, coax, tent anchors, water containers, gasoline cans, masts, dormatory supplies, and tools. We spent the day sorting the items into those we will certainly take, those we might take, and those we certainly won’t take.

One excellent step was to define a “station in a box.” With the availability of compact radios, amplifiers, computers, and other gear, we are able to pack a complete station in a single clamshell container (seen at top above). The container is waterproof and airtight. We will have 8 of these complete station kits at Heard Island.

The warehouse team included Rich KY6R, Peter W6DEI, and Eduardo K6EGF, as well as participants Jim N6TQ, Dave K3EL (radio team leader), and Bob KK6EK (expedition leader).

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