VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

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Eric Nichols, KL7AJ, noted ARRL author and propagation expert, joins our already awesome and world renowned team of propagation gurus (Dean Straw, N6BV – past editor of several ARRL publications, including the ARRL Antenna Book and software HFTA, YW and TLA. Tom Shiller, N6BT, author of “The Array of Light” and founder of both the legendary Force-12 Antenna company as well as N6BT Antennas, and Stu Phillips, K6TU – creator of the de-facto standard online propagation tool used by just about every DX-pedition and all DX-ers today.

Eric, with the ARRL has very recently released a new book that will no doubt change the way DX-ers monitor, track, and experiment with radio propagation in a way that Eric describes in his new fantastic book “Advancing the Radio Art”.

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The book describes something that every serious DX-er needs to acquaint themselves with – the Ionogram. This is a serious “game changer” that advances the art of amateur (and professional) radio – now unlocked and explained impeccably well by Eric. Here is a very small snapshot of what Eric describes in his book:


Stay tuned to VK0EK.ORG, our “propagation lab” is humming with new ways to help you get VK0EK in your log by exploiting paths and openings that exist, but are counter-intuitive, unpredicted but exist.

We will exploit these “secret” paths that you may not be aware of – but we will publish these “secrets” after doing our research.

Eric will also guest write for VK0EK.ORG in our series on “How to Get VK0EK in Your Log” . . .

Ionogram Boffins

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