VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Keep your ears peeled for the Amateur Radio Newsline for this bulletin:


With the K-one-N Navassa Island operation now over Heard Island appears to be the next up as far as top 10 Most Wanted entities in the DXCC Program’s list.  Heard will also rise to number 4 in the DX Publications Most Wanted List (but this is of course always subject to change due to those who participate in the poll each year).   It will be number five in the Clublog Most Wanted List (but this also changes based on those who upload their log files).

Based on this need, the next Heard Operation sponsored by Cordell Expeditions is tentatively scheduled for the 2015 southern hemisphere summer.  The voyage to the island scheduled for November 10th to December 22nd with actual operation running from about November 22nd to December 8th.  The callsign to be used will be V-K-zero-E-K.

Heard Island was last activated eighteen years ago back in 1997.  Before that an operation from Heard was part of a 1980’s era scientific expedition chronicled in the Australian theatrical motion picture  “Voyage to the White Volcano.”  On that expedition the scientific team relied totally on the ham radio operators for communications with the outside world.

(KY6R, ARNewsline)

A big thanks to Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF

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