VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


QSLing Procedure and Policy (VK0EK Only – please see QRZ.COM for all other calls)

The Procedure

QSLs can be ordered three ways:

  1. Online direct card request – $5
  2. Mailed direct request to the QSL Manager – $5
  3. Online request with delivery via the Bureau

Here are the details for these three options:

  1. Online direct card request – $5

This is the common Online QSL Request System (OQRS):


QSL requests from this page will be processed by the QSL manager (Tim Beaumont, MØURX) soon after the expedition, and your cards will be mailed directly to you.We HIGHLY encourage you to use this option for all VKØEK QSL requests.

The cost per QSL card request is US$5.00, regardless of the number of QSOs. However, each separate request you make will incur the same charge. This means that if you log 3 QSOs early in the expedition and check out and pay for those 3 QSO’s, you will pay $5. If you then log 2 additional QSOs and make a second QSL order, you will be charged the $5 again. Thus, you may wish to wait until you are have finished making all your QSO’s with VKØEK to place your QSL request!

You can send your QSL(s) requests to:

VKØEK Heard Island DXpedition
P.O. Box 17 Kenilworth
Warwickshire CV8 1SF

The charge for this is also US$5.00, regardless of the number of QSOs you want confirmed. The fee must be enclosed with the request, and a Self Addressed Envelope (SAE) must be provided. Sorry, postage stamps IRCs & coins are not acceptable for the fee.

  1. Online order, with delivery via the Bureau

You can use the Order Page to request cards be sent by mail to your Bureau. This is the least expensive option, but of course we cannot guarantee the speed or reliability of the delivery from the Bureau. Please DO NOT send your QSL Via Bureau; only use our OQRS to request a QSL via the Bureau. Thank you

The Policy

The VKØEK DXpedition will provide QSL confirmation of all valid QSOs with VKØEK.


Questions, problems, concerns, comments

The QSL manager is Tim Beaumont MØURX. He is empowered to resolve disputes, and his decision, reached together with the Radio Team Leader and the Expedition Leader, will be final.



15 thoughts on “QSL

  1. bernard says:

    dear oms I hope to get Only one contact with my low power and vertical..because in 1997 ..i had no succes !!hi…All the best to the team …F6bcc Bernard also in qrz.com.73qro

  2. Parth Sane says:

    Very excited to get a QSO and QSL on 20m! I’ll be working my first ever DXpedition! 73 de VU3TTL/W2IVV

  3. Bernard says:

    Thanks for doing such a great job guys, well organized and good ops.
    I needed Heard island to complete my “Worked all VK Call areas” certificate claim, as I missed the last expedition to Heard in the 90’s so after such a long wait I can stake my claim.
    Who needs to paint the shack when you can wallpaper it, hi.
    Thanks again, be safe & God bless.
    73 de VK4KX

  4. Uli DM5EE says:

    Great show from (really) down under!

    I was wondering how and where I could place a question on missing QSOs (04/10, 0730 to 0830z, 15m Phone, N6QT op). The “Contact Us” link gets me the automated message and refers back to this page…

    73! Uli DM5EE

    1. ky6r says:

      Please contact the QSL Manager – see the QSL Page

  5. Jan says:

    QSLs can be ordered three ways:

    1 Online direct card request – $5
    2 Mailed direct request to the QSL Manager – $5
    3 Online request with delivery via the Bureau
    But when I use number 3 I only can receive the bureau cards after paying some $$
    Am I missing something?

    1. ky6r says:

      We are working on enabling Bureau Orders. Please QRX. As a reminder, bureau cards will be processed last.

  6. Manfred Zimmerhackl says:

    How works the Express QSL Service for Early Donors ? Got no QSL till now.
    Have I to order it anywhere ?

    1. ky6r says:

      You have to order your QSL card through our OQRS system

  7. Steve Corbitt says:

    The instructions for getting bureau cards is very vague. I would like a card via the bureau, but there is no WORKABLE option. What is going on?

    1. ky6r says:

      Please contact the QSL Manager.

  8. Jan says:

    It is not
    I went to the site of the manager and ordered the bureau cards yesterday.

  9. Wes N7WS says:

    As an earlier donor am I still expected to pay for QSLs? I appreciate the quick confirmation via LOTW but I would like cards as well.

    1. ky6r says:

      The Instant LOTW was for early donors. The price of the QSL for everyone is $5.00. Please contact Tim, M0URX for any QSL related questions.

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