VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Bill, AE0EE, has created a video which encompasses the voyage of the Braveheart from Cape Town through the landing on Heard Island. In it, not only is there the rolling of the sea, but the deployment of two types of scientific buoys. First up is an ARGO diving buoy, followed by a NOAA drift buoy. The birds seen as the ship arrives at Atlas Cove are the endemic Heard Island cormorants. Upon reaching the island, our team was greeted by king penguins.

2 thoughts on “Cape Town to Heard Island: Video from Bill, AE0EE

  1. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Great video, Bill! Having followed Braveheart virtually every inch of the way to Heard Island it is so good to see what conditions were really like. We were not worried without reason… What a great adventure that must have been!

    Thank you and 73!

    Jan, ZS6BMN

  2. Jeff Davis says:

    Excellent! 73 de Jeff, KE9V

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