VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Sun sets on Carlos (NP4IW) and the Braveheart as it nears Fremantle.  Image credit: Bill Mitchell (AE0EE)

A week ago, the Braveheart arrived at port in Fremantle.  The expedition team had a busy day unloading the ship and clearing customs and quarantine.

That day marked the beginning of a transition: the voyage was over, and the team would soon separate.  Today, the expedition members are again scattered across the globe, many (but not all!) back at home and returning to their pre-expedition routine.  The expedition is over.

Despite being home, the project is not over.  Data collected on the island are being processed, analyzed, and prepared into reports.  Pictures and videos are being reviewed, documented, annotated, and turned into presentations both for scientific audiences and amateur radio clubs.  Team members are writing preliminary reports on the projects they led, to contribute to the comprehensive report on the expedition which will be submitted to the Australian Antarctic Division by mid-June as specified in the permit.

In California, the Bay Area warehouse team will reassemble in a few weeks to receive the expedition gear coming back to the US by shipping container.  Everything will be unpacked and separated.  Samples will be sent to collaborating scientists, loaned equipment will be returned, and excess expedition equipment will be liquidated.

Although the radio operation is over, behind the scenes quite a bit of work is still ongoing to bring this expedition to a close.

73, Bill AE0EE

2 thoughts on “The Voyage is Over, but the Project Continues

  1. SteveG/N4TTY says:

    Welcome home DXpeditioners!

  2. Steve Hammer says:

    Amazing job..best dxpedition ever!

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