VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Keith Bainbridge, VK6RK, and the entire VK Support Team hosted the VK0EK Team to a great BBQ and welcoming party . . .


Fred, KM4MXH, Gavin, VK2BAX, Barry G4TML, Wayne, VK6EH

In the NCRG club house, the morse key display

Hans-Peter, HB9BXE, Bob, KK6EK, Keith, VK6RK

Famous wine bottle

Bob, KK6EK with Zeljko, VK6VY and the famous VK6ANC wine!

chow down

The VK6ANC club meeting area


Dave, WJ2O, Gavin, VK2BAX, Jim, N6TQ, Dave, K3EL, Ken, NG2H, Fred, KM4MXH and Bill, AE0EE, Bob, KK6EK, Hans-Peter, HB9BXE, Carlos, NP4IW and Arliss, W7XU


A great time had by all – and the VK0EK Team would like to thank the VK6ANC crew and fellow team mates for a fantastic time!

4 thoughts on “VK0EK Team With the Northern Corridor Radio Group (VK6ANC)

  1. Stuart Brown says:

    Great to meet you all tonight at the Northern Corridor Raduo Group . Have a safe trip Home.

    73 Stu VK6BG

  2. Russ and Nina Schmieder says:

    Congrats on your successfull trip

  3. Manne says:

    Nice photos! 73 Manne DL4MP

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