VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


I will be giving the keynote presentation this coming weekend at the 2016 International DX Convention in Visalia. Besides presenting a very exciting presentation, the Diablo DXers will be on hand when we attempt to include the VK0EK team live from the Braveheart.

We also will have a joint Press Release issued by Elecraft and we hope to have a very exciting surprise for you in their booth.

Finally, I will be bringing Cool Astrids VK0EK souvenir gift packs to be given away at the top band dinner as well as the regular convention prize drawings.

Hope to see you there!

73, Rich KY6R

2 thoughts on “KY6R to Give 2016 IDXC Keynote Presentation

  1. Debra Lee says:

    Has the Braveheart left the harbor yet? I cannot tell from the Track Us link on the website. Just curious about where the team is now.

    1. ky6r says:

      No word from the team since they broke camp. I hope to hear something soon.

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