VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Our 40 m SSB station is on 7.094 MHz, listening around 7.194.
Today we will continue disassembling the antennas. The 160 meter antenna will come down, as will most of the others. We hope to keep up one station and one or two antennas until the last possible moment (Tuesday morning local). At this time our exact closing time for radio operations is still dependent on today’s progress breaking things down and getting them loaded onto the Braveheart or prepared for loading.
Weather this morning is mostly cloudy, 5 C, winds moderate to strong from the northwest, and a pressure of 985 mbar.

One thought on “Latest Status: [2016-04-10 01:17:54z]

  1. Douwe, PA1MR says:

    You all really succeded in doing a fantastic job! Having such poor band conditions and still managing to put so many of us in the logs on bands that are barely productive in some parts of the world shows how skilled and well motivated your team is. Still could use a good opening on 10m and 17m, so I’m waiting for readable signals to pop up in CW. Hopefully your endurance will be paid off, and these two bands open up in my part of the world in the next few days to come!

    Good luck, I hope you’ll make the 80,000 QSO mark with flying colo(u)rs!

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