VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

This is from Radio Team Leader Dave, K3EL:

We are approaching our last weekend on Heard Island. One of our objectives is to give an All-Time New One (ATNO) to as many DXers as possible (we all like band-fills but they don’t give the same thrill as a first contact with an entity). To support this goal, we will be taking the following measures: 

  •   We will identify some of our operating positions as “ATNO Stations” that will be specifically asking for ATNO contacts or new mode contacts during the upcoming weekend (Heard Island time). Please only call these stations if a QSO with Heard Island gives you an All-Time New One or a new mode. Watch the message box in DXA for instructions and information.  We will post information regularly on bands / modes where the ATNO stations are operating.
  •            Weather-permitting, we will extend our stay, with the final day of radio operation being 11th April and departure on the 12th.

This mesage is from Rich, KY6R Diablo DXer Support Team Lead:

The Diablo DXer support team will be responding to support tickets until we go QRT, and we will keep Freshdesk open (“Contact Us”) until just after QRT. This way you can submit thank you tickets if you’d like.

73, Rich KY6R

11 thoughts on “Final Days of VK0EK (“ATNO Days”)

  1. PD7RB Robert says:

    I really hope that the stations who already worked you in different modes/bands will stop calling and give the opportunity to the stations who really need it as an ATNO whatever band/mode it is, so everybody have the same chances.
    It is hard to get into the log with low propagation, big pile-ups, smaller antenna systems, living in cities with a higher noise floor etc. etc. and in my case, restricted band options also.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks guys your ATNO policy is welcomed by this station. Hope we can do something even on RTTY 15 or 20m

  3. Dwight says:

    Still waiting for just one SSB qso in the midwest 1200-1500z on 20m would be best for us – please

    73 Dwight NS9I

  4. Steve says:

    Thank you for the ATNO it is appreciated ,I only hope we on the west coast can hear you .so far I have not

  5. Tom Ramberg OH6VDA / JW6VDA says:

    Extremely good news. I’m crossing my fingers for good weather and hope for extended stay. I’m going to Svalbard and will operate as JW6VDA starting 11th April, and you will be ATNO ( number 188 if I remember correctly) from Svalbard. Keep up the good work! 73’s de Tom.

  6. Tom Ramberg says:

    Dave, I’m crossing my fingers for good weather. I’ll start operating as JW6VDA from April 11th, and you will be ATNO for sure for all present hams in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, the Svalbard Amateur Radio Klubb “SARK” – JW5E, included.

    73’s de OH6VDA Tom Ramberg

    > Den 7. apr. 2016 kl. 21.23 skrev WordPress.com : > > >

  7. Martin OK1WCF says:

    Good to know about ATNO policy. Hope to work you on RTTY as a new mode for me!

  8. Kelly says:

    Cant believe you have not bothered to get to the Spit and give VK, ZL, Oceania and West NA an equal chance for an ATNO. Pretty rude to VK given they are your hosts. Will be interested to see the stats. Next expedition to Heard must be the Spit only.

  9. Bill K5WL says:

    I just want to say thanks for the ATNO, I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen. Propagation has been lousy. I have an above average antenna system and a kilowatt amp, and I was still having trouble even hearing any station. When I finally got through, pileups weren’t a problem because no one else could hear either. The path opened for a brief time for me, after about 6 hours of just listening for any peep. You guys were calling CQ on 20 cw. Promise you’ll keep hitting those “closed” bands, and we’ll keep listening to those “closed” bands, and maybe we can all get an ATNO. I promise to respect the ATNO machines, heck from here on I won’t even call if there’s a pileup. Thanks again.

  10. Bat, JT1CS says:

    I’m trying to contact you more than 10 days without any luck. 😦 The poor propagation not letting me to hear you on the bands. Some time I barely heard your signal. City big noise affecting of course. Thanks for your ATNO rule. Sounds very helpful. I’m sure it will help for those who need Heard Isl as new one like me. Hope the propagation improves between us in remaining hours.

  11. julius martinez says:

    goodluck 73 !

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