VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

After a very windy night, we have a calm morning on Heard Island. 80 and 40 were very good into NA this morning. 30 is still working NA. The 20 m SSB station is working EU. A 17 m SSB station is calling, looking for the band to wake up to EU, and 17 CW is looking for NA.

73, Rich KY6R

2 thoughts on “Status Update [2016-04-05 03:18:49z]

  1. Tim says:

    Please try RTTY for ATNO, time is running out

  2. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Thank you, Adam! Great photos as usual!

    The Antare ruins show how the land eventually wipes out all signs of human occupation and yet another layer of history is formed. The 1947 undertaking was massive for the time!

    The brave ‘Braveheart’ also shows the effects of the harsh weather, but nothing that a fresh coat of paint would not rectify.

    While I am experiencing an almost total radio blackout at the bottom of the valley where I sit within a ring of iron-rich hills that absorb most of the already weakened signals, I am following all the postings here as well as the DXA updates with great interest. Just love all the photos here!

    Keep well, keep safe and trust that a few good band openings on all bands will soon come your way!

    73, Jan ZS6BMN

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