VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


One of the problems with DXA is that the “Currently Working” lights only show operators who have logged QSO’s since they started their shift. This is NOT (necessarily) how many stations are on the air. There can be other stations calling CQ on an empty band. For example, the team has been on 20M calling CQ for hours with no answer.

The polar conditions are very different than in higher latitudes, and the VK0EK operators have been on bands that are just plain dead, when these bands can be open at higher latitudes.

Never give up, never surrender. WIth the SFI at 88 and SSN at 11 or so – it can be a tough slog.

7 thoughts on “So, Exactly How Many Operators Are On Right Now?

  1. Bill McDowell says:

    It would be most helpful if an operator was CQ’ing with no replies if the band box was a different color..say red or whatever.  Then guys would know to listen on that band rather than assume there is no activity.Is this possible?Great addition to the dx’ers efforts…DXA is a keeper!Now to work you on Top Band!73Bill, K4CIA

  2. VK4LW says:

    How about logging a dummy one when a no op starts a shift.

  3. nz3oByrom says:

    Perhaps the operator could log the VK0EK as the station worked.

  4. nz3o says:

    If the operators would log their own call, VK0EK, would that help?

  5. Gary WBØRUR says:

    Well , I still need you in the log! I’ll keep trying!

  6. Tom OH6VDA says:

    Well, having operated in 78 degrees north for 20 years, I know the high latitude problem. Nevertheless, the way to fool DXA is maybe logging VK0EK to get DXA started and then delete that qso? DXA is a formidable tool and a great help! Tom , ex JW6VDA

    1. Mike says:

      It would be of great assistance if you could state your CQ frequencies on DXA – this will help “newbies” like myself – Good Luck and thanks for doing what you guys do – 73 ZS1CO ( behind the mountain)

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