VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Dave, K3EL said the southern auroral oval is right over them – and with the Nullabor filling up like a lake – several antennas need some work.

2016-04-03 03:02:24Z: Curently we have stations on 20 (14027 dn 1 and 14190 dn 5) and 30 (10116, dn 1). The ongoing major solar storm is killing propagation down here at latitude 53 S.

3 thoughts on “Torrential Rains and a Solar Storm . . .

  1. DU2BOQ says:

    Dear Lord , please dont let the bad weather cut short the vk0ek dxped. im still waiting to get my ATNO

  2. Bill Horner VK4FW says:

    14.027 no station, 14.034 is one………. I worked it but the dxa is not updating………… or I just worked a pirate along with a host of others

  3. Alan Pitts says:

    Gentlemen thank you for your heroic effort. Mother Nature, I’m still waiting for my ATNO ( central U..S ) W1PIT

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