VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Alan, VK6CQ operating CW at VK0EK. Did you know Alan is also VK0LD – who famously gave out Macquarie to the deserving, and yes, worked with “Kevin the Penguinator?


Besides operating the radio, Alan has done so much for the team – here he is on duty in the “galley”.  Alan is also an expert with satellite “look angle” calculations and assured us that the BGAN terminals would have coverage – which was a huge relief after looking at the Inmarsat coverage map  – where in some cases Heard Island looked like it would be on the edge of service. Alan was right – No Problem! Alan is also a “walking rule book” who really understands Australian radio rules and regulations and knew about the proper way to sign /MM as ZL/ZS9HI/MM while on the Braveheart. That was some great pre-expedition planning – thanks Alan – its all paid off wonderfully well.


Gavin, VK2BAX is no stranger to cold climates, and helped us immensely with working with the Australian Antarctic Division in securing the landing permit which included a lengthy set of documents with rules and regulations – including the pre-departure clean up and inspection while in Cape Town.


Several members of the Northern Corridor Radio Club who have helped us in the Perth area and who will greet team when they arrive there later this month. (All members listed in this blog post are on our Team page).

We would like to thank everyone at the AAD and also Jodie Fox – who is a Doctoral Student at the University of Tasmania – and whom we are working with to help her with her science projects. And finally, early strategic planning with Eric Woehler, who literally “wrote the book” on Heard Island – and whom provided valuable strategic planning advice.

The VK0EK team are guests of Australia on this most fascinating Australian Subantarctic Island and we appreciate their hospitality and all of the many hours of coordination that made this project possible.

One thought on “Thank You Australia!

  1. Alan is also known as VK0MM (Macquarie Millenium), and as such I’ve worked him on Macquarie Island in 2000. In both CW and SSB on a small string of wire using 100 Watts. Compare the discipline in CW pile-ups back then with today’s discipline in CW pile-ups…
    Pleasure to meet you again on an erotic location Alan, many thanks to you and the entire team for giving me and the rest of the HAM community this fantastic DXCC. It was for me the last needed DXCC entity of Australian origin 🙂
    VY 73 de PA1MR Douwe

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