VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

While the sun continues to play a very bad April Fools joke on us:


We have invoked the “Tim Allen Rule” – and believe you should too:


We are going to put on the “Full Court Press” to get everyone into the log. We have run extensive queries against the log – down to the state or province level of who has worked us and where, and have combined this with your detailed support ticket data (“Contact Us”), and of course also looked at the Clublog data, and we know where there are holes in our coverage.

We will do these things to help you get into the log:

  1. Our (ahem) “Pilots” – (a prehistoric term describing the 10 people answering your Freshdesk support tickets) will alert the team of special openings where you heard VK0EK and they did not seem to be beaming your direction. If you are in an area with low representation in our log – we will do whatever it takes to get you in the log. They all have DIRECT access to a support person on the island who is NOT on the radio when we contact them
  2. Use more SSB, and then RTTY
  3. Concentrate hard on areas that are very much underrepresented – such as Central and South America – where they are less than 2% in our log
  4. Get on the high bands more

Finally, thank you for so many nice kudos and comments. We have fielded over 1300 support tickets on everything from Busted Calls, Propagation and Openings, Souvenir issues and others, and so – after receiving so many requests, it really motivates us when we then receive these sort of comments:

I’d like to echo ZS6RKE’s comments: you guys are setting the standard for future expeditions. This web presence is really a fantastic resource, from KY6R’s “How to work us” (which is really a DXing 101 class) to DXA to the virtually instant log checking. From 10,000 miles away it’s hard to imagine how much better you could have run this.

The only thing that isn’t cooperating is that which you have no control over: sunspots! This is the weakest solar cycle in a century and that’s the only drawback.


Absolutely fantastic operation! Just worked them on 10 Meter CW. This makes 8 bands in addition to all modes from a medium size station in the Northeast USA. Didn’t think it was possible. Now I’m wishing that I had enough room for a 160 meter antenna.


Richard (ZS6RKE) reported 2 hours ago (Fri, 1 Apr at 5:44 AM)
Greeting from South Africa. Just wanted to commend you on a fantastically run expedition. Operators are superb and the entire band plan and QSO’s has been run very efficiently. Was an absolute please working you. You website was a massive help. If only all DXPeditions were run this way. 73.
73, Rich KY6R

12 thoughts on “Our Motivation? Your ATNO!

  1. Ray Thompson says:

    Thanks guys. I have read everything you have published and have been very fortunate to work you onl low bands 30, 40, and 80 with dipoles and a sloper and 15 with a tri bander. All were CW. Most amazing was 80 m before sunset, I still SSB and 20 meters so hopefully an opening occurs to New Hampshire on that band.

  2. Richard Slutz says:

    In 1997 I was very disappointed to not even hear VK0IR so it was especially thrilling to work VK0EK with 100 watts and a wire for an ATNO.

    Thanks for putting in the time, money, and labor to activate Heard Island.

    Your efforts are much appreciated!

    73’s Rich KB8GAE

  3. Bruce M Amo says:

    Thanks guys your doing a fantastic job. Never thought I could bust the pile up but worked you on 30m CW with a 100 watts & a G5RV@ 50′
    I checked the web site last night at 0500z (1:00AM local) & saw you were on 20 M CW. Thought I would give it a try & bingo third try & we were in the log. like you said never give up it can be done with a 100 watts & wire antennas. Hope to work you on many more bands.

    Thanks 73 Bruce K8LGY

  4. John Parnell says:

    Thanks for going ” ATNO ONLY” last night on 40CW; the openings have been few here in the NW USA, NU but I was able to squeeze into your log with 100W and a G5RV…I didn’t expect to make it and this made my day! Y’all take care!

  5. Not one to give up, I was loaded and locked on 28034 this morning at 1148Z…and out of no where, VK0EK bubbled up…called him one down and country #354 on ten was in the log. A few minutes the welcomed DXA confirmation of contact appeared! He was audible for about 15 minutes working some other NA stations. A nice way to start the day..

    Many thanks#
    Bill, K4CIA

  6. Kenneth Sobel says:

    Thank you for #1 Honor Roll Mixed and #1 Honor Roll Phone
    de Ken W3JJ

  7. Manne says:

    Thank you very much for 40m-QSO this evening ! ….waiting long time for this contact…Great CW – OP ! Best DXped. for ever !
    de Manne DL4MP

  8. Anthony Dodson says:

    I had no copy, not a single dit, until tonight. On 30 meters CW the signal was good enough, but not great. The pileup was not bad. The operator was working everyone pretty much down 1.5 to 2. I called several times, and was heard after about 20 minutes. I’m fairly sure he got it right the first time, but I sent my call once more to get the repeat. The operator was working them quickly and precisely, but the repeat didn’t seem to make him stutter. Considering the poor propagation and my rusty pistol station, I’m very pleased to have made the contact. That’s only possible when the other end is a world class station with an operator to match. I also got immediate peace of mind seeing my call on DXA. This is great stuff, guys! Thank you!

  9. Anthony Dodson says:

    I had not been able to hear anything until tonight. The signal on 30 meters CW was good enough, but not great. The operator was quick and precise. The pileup was not bad. He was working them all down about 1.5 to 2. After several calls, I got through. It only took about 20 minutes. Considering this poor propagation and my rusty pistol station, it’s a testament to the station and operator in the other end that it was even possible. I got peace of mind right away seeing my call on DXA. This is great stuff, guys! Fine Business! Thank you!

  10. Anthony Dodson says:

    And just like that, it’s confirmed already in LoTW! Wow!

  11. Andy - M0TTB says:

    Finally some great activity and signals on the higher bands ssb today in NW EU.
    Well done to the team.

  12. Sante - iz6cst says:

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get to the top honor roll ( 340 ) with your activation vk0ke . 73 ‘ de iz6cst , Sante .

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