VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

We just hit 40K QSO’s in the log, with 34% Uniques.


160, 80, 40 and 30 are on the air (2230 UTC). Note – DXA only lights up when QSOs are being made, so even though 160 and 80 show inactive right now, we are CQing – check these bands, conditions seem good tonight. Yesterday after heavy rain the Nullabor flooded – this is the flat plain that is just above sea level to the south of our camp. We have verticals for 160 and 80 there, 4-sq for 40 and 30, and rotary VDAs for 17 and 15. These antennas are enjoying an even better ground plane after the flooding.


7 thoughts on “40,000 QSO’s – and the Latest Status [2016-03-31 22:56:29z]

  1. Greg says:

    Nice opening this morning to CA on 40 cw around 1400Z (best that I’ve heard). Unfortunately, I couldn’t break through the JA wall.

  2. It would be great if they could spend more time on RTTY especially on 30m which is the only band we seem to have any propagation on to North Texas.

    Are they going to setup at Split Bay to give us in the central US a better shot?

    Joel N5JR

  3. Yoky says:

    Would you please check if i am in the log. I’m not yet sure of a cw qso. Thanks and bst 73 de i4oqa. Yoky

  4. AB1NJ says:

    Fabulous opening on 10m this morning, signal was booming here. Great job guys! 🙂 AB1NJ

  5. W4ATM says:

    I’d like to echo ZS6RKE’s comments: you guys are setting the standard for future expeditions. This web presence is really a fantastic resource, from KY6R’s “How to work us” (which is really a DXing 101 class) to DXA to the virtually instant log checking. From 10,000 miles away it’s hard to imagine how much better you could have run this.

    The only thing that isn’t cooperating is that which you have no control over: sunspots! This is the weakest solar cycle in a century and that’s the only drawback. All those whiners on DXSummit would have some signals they could hear.

  6. Bob KB1JZU says:

    Absolutely fantastic operation! Just worked them on 10 Meter CW. This makes 8 bands in addition to all modes from a medium size station in the Northeast USA. Didn’t think it was possible. Now I’m wishing that I had enough room for a 160 meter antenna.

  7. Andy says:

    Interesting with 15m ssb today, signals down in the dirt in NW EU (G’land) all morning until they started calling NA/SA (no problem with that at all) and their signals rocketed up, it wasn’t just propagation. I guess that 15m array is good for more than NA!

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