VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


A big storm hit us the last three days and we are enjoying much lighter winds to get out and walk around a bit. The Braveheart reported 60 knot gusts last evening at the anchorage. The gusts come rolling down from the mountains in huge vortices shaking the tents and our bunks violently. I put on four layers of clothing top and bottoms, wore earplugs and a balaclava and burrowed into the sleeping bag.

One thought on “Weather Report from Adam, K2ARB [30-MAR-2016 1130z]

  1. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Thank you, Adam! That is seriously bad weather. Those sturdy tents are indeed a blessing. Good luck and keep warm and safe – as much as that is possible

    73 de Jan, ZS6BMN

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