VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Winds today have abated from last night, when 60 kt winds were recorded aboard the Braveheart. This afternoon our team put up a 40 m delta loop and a 17 m vertical dipole array. These antennas are still undergoing evaluation and tuning, but we hope they will be on the air soon.
We have been having fun and keeping 5 stations on the air for the upper bands through the daytime hours. Our 40 m delta loop should allow us to have more stations on at night, helping to fulfill demand for SSB and RTTY.
At 0100z Thursday 3/31 (Wednesday night US), our own Dr. Bill Mitchell, AE0EE, will take over the @VK0EK twitter account for an hour to answer your questions about the birds, rocks, climate, and history of Heard Island, as well as comment on daily life here in the field. He will be using the hashtag #HeardQuestions.

2 thoughts on “Latest Update – [2016-03-30 09:31:32z]

  1. Hans says:

    Please remember to change beam-direction .We have a feeling you forgott to turn to Europe.
    Could hear you weak on 24 mc ( wednesday around 0900 gmt )working Japan,guess you had beam that direction all our morning.
    Lets hope for better condx later in your exp.Kind Regards Hans SM6CVX

  2. hay All there at Heard Is.@ world

    I made new GP for 40m, and try to find you, but on Dipole signal was stronger, one call and finaly KI?…
    My ATNO…

    Probably DeltaLoop from your side is mouch better, and sutable for my Dipole…

    And it was first time to heard You at my sunset…At 7MHz

    Signal was readable via GP, but 579 via Dipole ( 20 m up in your direction )

    You makeing new history and new standard for DX-pedition,
    but some people do not understand your afort and many times makeing noise on your TX frequencies…
    There should be some way to recognised and punished that barbarians, I do not belive they are Amateur Radio operators but some nonlicencesed owener of radio equipment…
    73 de 9A2KI ico

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