VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Photo by Adam Brown

As if to compensate us for the recent stormy weather, Big Ben rewarded us this afternoon with a beautiful view of her heights as a backdrop to a portrait of our  Force-12 tribander antenna.

11 thoughts on “Big Ben and The Camp


    Please send me an email when you start sending SSB. I am in NA.
    Deryl, WB4QIZ

  2. Beautiful! The antennas maybe more so than Big Ben…… 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this! Love it! – Dan NJ0Y in Wisconsin

  3. Bob says:

    MY Force 12- contacted your Force 12 on 30M and gave me an ATNO! One more for me and I will have worked them all!! A Big THANK YOU TO THE TEAM!!!,
    Bob, NF7E, Flagstaff, Arizona-BTW it would help if your splits were a little farther apart as it is easier to hear those calling you, than your signal!

  4. Steve Hammer says:

    Way to go Bob!!

    de K6SGH..

  5. What are the tripods they are using for the beams


  6. dbirky says:

    Beautiful picture. That must be incredible. ATNO last night on 30m CW. Thanks for all the work!

  7. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Great photo, great scenary! Thank you!

  8. Kay Schmieder says:

    Incredible. It must be other worldly to be there.

  9. Elias says:

    Hello Grandpa Bob and the other Hurd Island explorers!
    Hope the expedition’s going awesome and that you find something cool.
    By the way, are there any cool animals on Hurd Island?
    From Elias

  10. Gary says:

    Looks Photoshopped. Are you sure you’re really there? How about a screen-grab of your phone showing “HeardCell”? 🙂 Tnx for all the QSOs. Have a safe trip home.

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