VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Now that we’ve been on the air just about a week, we need your help. Our #1 goal – by far – is to give everyone an ATNO. We really could use your help – and ask:

  1. If you already have Heard Island in your log for a band – please don’t work us on that band. This includes any prior DXpedition where you worked Heard Island on that band
  2. If you live near a Little Pistol (or know of any in your DX Club) who is struggling to work us for the first time – please either give them advice or perhaps invite them to use your station. Or – if you have an old decent antenna where you can help them upgrade – there is still 12 1/2 days left of VK0EK – plenty of time to get a better antenna up
  3. If you hear someone who seems to have problems with split operation – please email them kindly and offer to help them

If we all stick together like these penguins – and hunt when we need to hunt, but help and communicate with our other penguin DXer buddies where we can – we WILL all be much better off in this DXing game!

73, Rich KY6R


11 thoughts on “PLEASE HELP YOUR FELLOW DXers!

  1. John Kovacs says:

    Can not hear you in Ohio on USB?

  2. Dok says:

    Great advice and I hope everyone can get in the log.

  3. hi, guys, you’re so right !!! sadly i couldn’t hear you yet because i’m VSLP ( very small little pistol ) :)))) but may i get my chance too… wish you all the best till turning back… 72’s de Udo DF4BJ /qrp

  4. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Those penguins are a joy to watch, thank you!

    I am experimenting with a variety of stealth antennas in a very confined space. Obviously it is easier to get the higher frequency ones pointing in the right direction. I have not given up trying! But, even if I do not succeed, I am really enjoying it just to listen and watch my friends collecting the little squares. Maybe I am just a listener at heart!

    Good luck to all the ‘Little Pistols’ out there! Keep on trying and the sense of achievement when making a contact under less than ideal circumstances is going to be a joy to behold!

    73 de Jan, ZS6BMN

  5. Alan, K6SRZ says:

    Be aware of West Coast sunrise. You were on 80 CW at our sunrise yesterday, but today you weren’t. I appreciate all the stresses and logistical problems an expedition like yours has to deal with. I sure hope you’ll be able to activate Spit. I have VK0EK on 40-20 CW for an ATNO that put me at #1 Honor Roll, for which am most grateful.. I hope I’ll hear you on SSB before you leave.

  6. Eric K4EDE says:

    Amen my brothers. It is so frustrating to be blocked by guys who log hard to get stations over and over.

  7. Jim, AB4D says:

    I have a decent station in Virginia, but yet to hear you guys on phone. I need you on any band for an ATNO. I hope I can work you at least once. It’s hard when guys that have already worked you, keep trying to make a 2nd, 3rd, and even more contacts.

  8. Tom K1TL says:

    My appreciation to N1NK for help in working VK0EK on12/cw today from his station. I have no WARC yagis on the tower presently as I did not install them this season. This was extremely pleasurable working u “guyz” on 12m…excellent signal too !

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Guys, appreciate your help for the “little old pistol in the antenna disadvantaged cluster home” we are still optimistic of contacting VK0EK!!
      Thanks for all the info! Robert and Team. 73 de ZS1CO

  9. N1LID says:

    I haven’t been able to hear your station yet (Maryland). Hope to get you in the log for an ATNO.

  10. PD7RB Robert says:

    Hope to hear/work you at one of the next days from my home, but I can’t hardly believe that the propagation will increase for the next days. Of course still hoping to have the opportunity to work you to get my ATNO from my home or elsewhere. As a novice in the Netherlands we are only allowed to use 10/20 and 40 meter, so less chance then the full licencees.

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