VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Carlos, NP4IW driving the Polaris with Nick of the Braveheart watching over the cargo – and ATV supplied by Leon Laing (Maverick Motor Sports of Cape Town)

Logistics. Bringing supplies in from the boat requires a lift to the beach by zodiac and then a ride a thousand yards up to base camp. The ATV, purchased used in Cape Town, helps a great deal with the heavier objects such as the tents, fuel and water. Here is Carlos driving and Braveheart crewman Nick keeping all the items aboard.

There are hundreds of “little” logistical aspects of an expedition – and each and everyone has to be meticulously planned and organized. The Planning and organization for VK0EK has proven to be quite stellar. Believe or not – our Team Handbook ended up being 450 pages!


Leon Laing (Maverick Motor Sports) in Cape Town doing preventative maintenance on the Polaris.


We would like to again thank Paul, ZS1S who made so many things come together in Cape Town (logistics for the container and its processing, accommodations for the team, supplies such as this Polaris). Because Paul had been on his own DXpeditions at South African polar places, he was key to our success.

And the list of support people and team members who helped make this happen – are all listed on the Team page. We will always be thankful for such a great team.

One thought on “Heard Island Transport

  1. ANDY says:

    thank you for everything!!!73 and good luck!!waiting for 17 and 20 meters…

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