VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Photos from Bob, KK6EK


Raising the Force-12 yagi – (L-R) Carlos, NP4IW, Jim, N6TQ and Arliss, W7XU



Bill, AE0EE at “I.T. Control and Command”


The Galley


(L-R) Jim, N6TQ, Ken, NG2H, Carlos, NP4IW, Arliss, W7XU and Vadym, UT6UD. Operating tent – notice the excellent HDT Flooring, the Window and power distribution system . . ah – there’s one of the patch panels I made – hi hi


(L-R) Carlos, NP4IW, Jim, N6TQ, Bill, AE0EE, Dave, K3EL, Adam, K2ARB, Arliss, W7XU. What a great tent system by HDT – Nice, very sturdy quarters! All sponsored 100% by HDT Global


Refueling Depot


Water delivery using the ADT purchased in Cape Town. That ATV really made a huge difference


Mt. Drygalski, 330m elevation


Close up of glacier


Flank of Big Ben (usually covered in fog)


Fred, KM4MXD with soil and water samples . .



A post for the weather hounds! Here is the unnamed storm that whacked us last night, making it sound like a machine shop in the sleeping tent with all the flaps flapping, winds whipping, rain pelting, and tent shaking. We are in the center right with the red dot, and the low pressure system that created the ruckus (with winds rotating clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere) is below the right hand corner. (Adam, K2ARB)

13 thoughts on “16K QSO’s and New Photo’s

  1. Dok says:

    Those pics are awesome. The tents must be warm, you look more comfortable than the VP8 guys! Thanks for a great show!

  2. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Thank you! Great photos – yet again!

    Fantastic signal from VK0EK on 17m all day, but this silly old fool with 50-100 Watts PEP and a makeshift low dipole just cannot get through the barage of stations – mainly from Europe! My fault not theirs! QRP stations have no place in this game 🙂

    So pleased that things are going so well with the VK0EK Expedition!

    Please keep those FB photos coming – they are enjoyed and appreciated by all in my family!

    73 de Jan, ZS6BMN

    1. ky6r says:

      You will work them I am sure – my best wishes are with you – keep trying. 73 de KY6R

  3. Leon Laing says:

    Good to see that the Polaris is making your lives easier. Great to see you are all in the thick of it. Good luck for the rest of the time.

    1. ky6r says:

      Leon – thank you so much for supplying the team with the Polaris – it was a very critical part of the expedition now. Send us anything you’d like to be included in a blog post – and I will post it for you – cheers – Rich, KY6R

  4. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Thanks, Rich!

    Maybe when all the good folk are back at work 😊! There are still some 13 days left! (At least I now know now how to operate my rig in split mode after today’s practice run).

    73 and thank you for all the very informative updates!

    Jan, ZS6BMN

  5. Mandu Quilts says:

    Love the photos. Good to see operations, gallery, and just everything about what is going on. Fun to live vicariously with all of you (without the cold!).

  6. kathleen erickson says:

    yes  I am watching everythingHard to e-mail from Maui Love and miss you.

  7. Kay Schmieder says:

    Yes, I am watching everything. Very informative and exciting. Difficult to use John’s computer in Maui. I miss you. Maui is beautiful. John and I snorkeled at 3 beaches today. Saw some fish. Barbara is too tired to do much. Love you and glad you got some science samples and it sounds like the radio is doing well. Kay

  8. PA5F - Frans says:

    nice pictures, did work you on 15m CW thanks to my 2k amp but signals are very week at my station. My meter didn’t move even with preamp on. but your signal was just loud enough to read from time to time (QSB).
    Thanks for my ATNO.
    Frans PA5F

  9. Don says:

    amazing ! a geat organization !

  10. Klaus VE7KDU says:

    I worked you twice on 80m CW on March 27 at 14:36 and at 14:54 UTC. DXA was not working at the time so I made another QSO, but none of these QSOs show up in the log. Klaus VE7KDU

  11. Linda Barbaro says:

    I want pictures with Bob in them!

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