VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016




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Last night [26-MAr-2016 @0422z] I had made my 20M CW QSO – they had the best signal into the SF Bay Area yet – booming, and Vadym was as good as any operator as I have heard on any DXpedition. When I did not see my QSO – I alerted the team, and after finding out that the laptop they were on was connected to only a couple other laptops but not all – we decided to simply swap it out. We are looking into what caused it – but it seems that it is the laptop itself – because after swapping the bad one out – everything started working just fine. And we had over planned and have 5 backup laptops. I will report back what the team wants me to do about this support wise, but I recommend if you had made any QSO and it doesn’t show up – for any reason – do what I am doing – working them again until it shows on DXA. I feel your pain!

I also have one of the exact same laptops sitting on my operating desk where I can follow along with any problems that they might have. This was by design.

Chalk this one up to Murphys Law – the team knows to simply stop when their N1MM+ laptop is not not connected to all computers in the N1MM+ Network – this will prevent any more of this from happening. This was NOT a DXA issue – but bad laptop – or so it seems.

Spit Bay – the plans are still to activate Spit Bay – but we obviously need to get Atlas Cove humming with at least all 4 “cylinders” firing, and get our QSO’s and rate up. We are all working hard to do just that.

We hope you like the job the Support Team is doing – please let us know. We are forwarding any tickets where we get thoughtful suggestions and recommendations for the team – and we are adjusting where we can to try to prevent more “bumps in the road”.

I see we just hit 10,000 QSO’s – and we will work hard to get crackin’ . . .

73, Rich KY6R

4 thoughts on “Status Update [26-MAR-2016 1400z]

  1. Morris Maze says:

    Hello, after reading the last post I thought I should send a note. I have seen many stations rework last night on 40 rtty, not only on my copy but DXA. also again this morning on 12 cw same thing. now about what happen to me. (N1IBM) last night work on 80 CW sounded good to me 100% did not show on my DXA. how ever after 5 min. or so it showed on a friends. never showed on DXA for me until I shut down the browser and restarted. I know you do not want a refresh as that may have worked to but I closed the browser and restarted it all and then I searched my call and there I was for a ATNO. Thank you very much. 4 more for them all. Back to the issue, any way same thing again happened to me this morning on 12 cw. same as on the 80 cw contact did not show but this time I did a refresh and then it showed up. Then to add one more Bug. my 40 meter rtty contact was as it should be. contact made. showed up on the map and the box popped. So that’s all. any questions?
    My thought on this is if this can be fixed it would make for less dupes and give more new ones a chance to get in the log.
    many thanks for the contacts

  2. Paul N1BUG says:

    Let me be clear this is NOT a complaint, just some info. I believe I saw something similar to what N1IBM reports this morning. I worked the op on 17m SSB – a very solid QSO and the op commented I was the first NA he had heard. I After 90 minutes it had not appeared in DXA. DXA seemed to be running and refreshing OK but only a few of the stations being worked on 17 SSB were showing up. I decided to restart the browser and log in to DXA again. My missing 17m QSO was immediately showing after I did so.

    Signals have been absolutely phenomenal here on 80 through 15 meters!!! I don’t expect to get propagation on 12 and 10, but after last night’s incredibly big signal on 80 I have hope for my favorite band, 160m!

  3. GENE N4FZ says:

    I need you for #300. Your signals have been weak and sparse in Western KY. Please give the Midwest USA a good effort also, don’t forget us! Good luck, be safe and THANKS!!!

  4. Jo. says:

    AMAZING ! at 1545z on 30m VK0EK signal just above the noise here, tried two short calls – and I got you.
    With about 80 watts rf to a dipole 2x27m up 10m. Nice service on vk0ek.com and dxa3.com.
    Thanks a lot for ATNO . now my free exercise follows on the other bands.

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