VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

As you have noticed, at times DXA seems to stop. The good news is that every Q is being logged in a networked N1MM+ on the island – so your QSO is safely logged and replicated across all laptops. I’ve instructed the team to even make a backup at each shift change.

DXA receives every QSO from N1MM+ and stores this data in a MySQL database in the AWS Cloud. This database is replicated. Now we have up to 8 backups of the log!

So think of DXA as a backup of what is going on on the island – and where we display that backed up data in a web browser. Yes, it has stopped a few times, but DXA catches up after that outage.

We are working on preventing more DXA outages, and I will keep you up to date as the DXpedition progresses. Until then, keep working VK0EK!

73, Rich KY6R

2 thoughts on “DXA

  1. Doc says:

    Congrats on your courageous trip. Looking forward to first radio contact.

  2. Dennis Petrich says:

    When I make a contact, how long should I wait before I check DXA? Thank you for this DXE!!

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