VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Follow along on DXA!

The team worked very hard and basically set up a little city which will be home for almost 3 weeks. With cooperative weather, the team – with superb help from the crew of the Braveheart followed a very well crafted plan and put up just about everything in one day. They had to transport all gear 1/2 mile using one ATV and two carts. When I get the first photographs, I am sure we will all be very impressed.

Technology wise everything went according to plan and all calculations regarding satellite “Look Angle” by VK6CQ were spot on. The network came up and then DXA and all radios on the network were logging and sending DXA packets once a minute. We had done extensive testing, documenting and training of all systems, and that has paid off wonderfully well.

Last nights W5KUB and WBCQ simulcast Live from Heard Island is a first in the history of DXing. Bob will be on Tom’s show – and if all goes well, with video as well as audio. At the very worst, audio will easily work both on Heard Island and during the Visalia IDXC next month – with a live simulcast during the convention banquet keynote presentation which I will be giving.


Watch DXA – it will give you a lot of great information, and if you have any questions or concerns, Click on “Contact Us”.

We have 10 friendly well seasoned DXers support agents (The Diablo DXers) handling anything and everything – the usual Pilot type inquiries, science inquiries, souvenir and donation questions and QSL / Busted Call concerns. Tickets are handled by the person responsible for that area, so you get the expert on board. This is what we call “Auto Pilot” and we use Freshdesk as our Cloud based support system. There is no manual emailing between Pilots, nothing gets dropped between the cracks, and no one has to “consolidate” emails. Instead, all of our time is spent providing you with the very best expert level support. And Freshdesk is FREE.


Rich KY6R

5 thoughts on “VK0EK QRV!

  1. Mike KJ4Z says:

    Congrats to you, Rich, and to all the team. 3 years of hard work is finally paying off.

    1. ky6r says:

      And thanks for all your hard work, Mike

  2. Andy Hewitt G3SVD says:

    All the best of luck guys, we wish you good wx for the rest of your stay and evacuation.
    I have been waiting for this operation now all I need is to work you

  3. Colin says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations to all the team. I have to wait until 2/3 April to have a shot at a QSO but I really hope I manage it. Not bothered about slots, just one QSO would be magical! Would be ATNO for me. Good luck to all. M1BUU

  4. Chuck says:

    Congratulation on a great start. The 30M op(s) worked magic to pull in a trove of “getting started” QSO’s including an ATNO for me. This is clearly a first class DXpedition. Have fun and enjoy the joyful pileups!
    Chuck, AE4CW

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