VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Wow – it seems as though something good has happened – it almost seems like they made great time today, maybe this is why:


The wind is at their backs and seems pretty gentle.


The waves seem fairly calm.


Lets hope this nice blue area continues as a trend and helps keep that stormy area to the northeast away. They have been traveling in that blue area today – so if that moves a bit east with them – they could have a nice landing and set up.

Fingers continue to be crossed.


The beam heading’s on QRZ.COM are now correct – please enjoy!

73, Rich KY6R

One thought on “Making Good Time

  1. Saki says:

    Hi Rich,

    the easiest way would be providing the correct Lattitude/Longitude values in VK0EK’s profile on qrz.com. That would allow the qrz.com visitors to get the corresponding beam heading correctly returned. I already did send an information email to the page manager KK6EK and added you as CC. I want to share this information to the public:

    Check https://vk0ek.org/the-plan for the station setup sites

    For the site “Atlas Cove”:
    Lattitude= -53.0198598 (this is equal to 53°01’11.5″S)
    Longitude= 73.3921263 (this is equal to 73°23’39.5″E)

    For the site “Sealers Beach / Doppler Hill”:
    Lattitude= -53.1206098 (this is equal to 53°07’14.2″S)
    Longitude= 73.7350753 (this is equal to 73°44’14.2″E)

    Thanks again for this great website and your blog, we all are excited and looking forward to catch VK0EK on air 🙂 Hats off to the whole team and all those behind the scenes who made that amazing DXpedition possible.

    Clear frequencies es gud sigs !
    73 de DD5XX

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