VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Mike, K6VGQ getting things set up so he can be ready to work VK0EK with his yagi. 

I’ve been having really nice chats with DXers of all levels – from beginner to those at the top of all the DX award lists.

Mike, K6VGQ has something to say that I am sure that our good friend and VK0EK Sponsor, Bernie, W3UR would love to hear:

My pix  taken  this morning. I’ve already worked VK and ZL today on CW.  Coming up on 60 yrs hamming, and never chased DX or contesting, but Bernie’s QST article triggered me to dig  out the beam after 40 yrs in  storage and 3 moves.


Congratulations to Bernie for inspiring hams to get those old yagi’s out to work VK0EK and to even get into DXing! Bernie’s “Hows DX?” column in the March 2016 QST has inspired many – and we appreciate the nice article about VK0EK. And welcome aboard Mike – I can tell the DX Bug has bitten – and once that happens, there’s no going back!

I’ve been a ham since 1973, went QRT from 1077 – 2001 and came back in only because of DXing. The first thing I did was subscribe to Bernie’s “Daily DX”, which you can find here:


We’d like to thank Bernie and The Daily DX for being a sponsor and supporter and publishing The Daily DX all these years.

If you don’t already have DX Atlas – please consider downloading it – you can find your beam heading and do so much more. Its well worth its very reasonable price and has served me well for many years now. Here is the link – and Alex writes great software and his support for it is legendary:


73, Rich KY6R

2 thoughts on “Welcome to DXing – Mike, K6VGQ!

  1. Garry Ritchie says:

    Godspeed, Heard team. Be safe above all. And hopefully, just maybe, you will hear me in the pileups and give me the last confirmation needed to reach Top of the Honor Role status. I figure that I have just about worn out your voyage tracker because I check it every hour or two every day. The anticipation and nervousness are building here in Huntington, WV. Having been on one DXpedition myself, K5D (Desecheo, 2009), I know how eager the team must be right now as well. Fingers crossed for good propagation.

    Garry, W8OI

    1. ky6r says:

      WOW – what a great feat – Top of HR. If all goes well – I will be 3 away – so I can imagine how exciting this will be for you. Best luck in the pileups and please report back after you make HR #1! 73 es gud DX, Rich

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