VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

The team is getting into some rough seas, but they are still on the air – so that’s good news.


The winds on Heard right now are 24 mph, the temperature is in the 40’s and the sea swells are 16 – 20′. It might be raining, but its not snowing. It is night time – about 9 PM or so. Here are the waves:


The arrow shows how they will enter Atlas Cove, and the little star is where they will set up camp – and the good news is that  – IF the winds and waves continue in this direction, then the landing might be OK. But I have been tracking the weather this past week and its amazing how much it changes – it changes so much that its not really worth bothering with what the “forecast” will be. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that it goes smoothly without delay – but Nature is in charge in these southern seas.

ZS9HI WSPR 18 March 2016 (4 countries)

Team member Jan,  ZS6BMN sends us another great map that clearly spells out the unique countries who have heard the ZS9HI WSPR beacon. We know Adam, K2ARB, who made it his project to deploy is very excited and pleased that it has been so successful. We would love to see some spots from VU and VK/ZL as well.


The RBN has them spotted pretty much world wide.

73, Rich KY6R


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