VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

This morning I received a very nice story that has made my day – from Tim, M0URX, our fantastic QSL Manager and good friend (and I couldn’t agree more with Tim):

Hi Rich,

This lad lives near me, 2E0SDV Jamie, 16 years old, build himself a delta loop just to work Heard Island:


Last night he worked the team on the Braveheart on CW, he called me to tell me how delighted he was….Just made me think, THIS is what the hobby is all about! Also he is a very good operator and will be a DXpedition operator of the future. Keep him in mind for future DXpeds!

Anyway, things are going very well so far, sitting and watching! Cheers,
Kindest Regards, Tim Beaumont MØURX,
Kennelworth Warwickshire England

Jamie – congratulations, and the Team aboard the Braveheart is thrilled to get you in their log and look forward to working you from Heard Island as VK0EK! Your blog and write up on preparing for VK0EK is outstanding, and also – thanks so much for being on Tim’s QSL Management Team. I also have had a ton of fun over the years building antennas – and a wire delta loop beam on 17M is a superb idea. In fact, I expect that 17M might end up being one of the “money bands” during VK0EK. We will very soon find out!

Please send your stories – I will publish them here on the blog before, during and after the Expedition (Science and DX / Ham Radio stories) . .

73, Rich – KY6R

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