VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Here is the Audio Log and Story that accompanies the pictures:


Typical Sea Swells


Planning Meeting

(L – R: Adam, K2ARB, Alan, VK6CQ, Dave, K3EL, Carlos, NP4IW)


Vadym, UT6UD making CW contacts


Bill, AE0EE on CW


Ken, NG2H


Deploying an Argo Buoy


News Tidbits

This afternoon, the VK0EK Team and Braveheart crew took a break from their routines to celebrate reaching the halfway point on our journey from Cape Town to Heard Island.  Spirits are high, and we are making good time eastward.  We have the wind and waves at our stern pushing us along.  Even though the sea is up to 6 meters, with it behind us it’s still pretty comfortable.

Additionally, we just entered a new local time zone: we are now into UTC+3.  Heard Island is in UTC+5, so we are making progress!

K2ARB is handling the QSL Management duties for ZS9HI. Here are his QSL instructions:

All contacts will be confirmed via the buro, no card necessary.  Direct QSLs with $1 USD or SASE will be hanled through 90 days from the end of the expedition; after that, the cards will be handled by the buro.

Speaking of Adam, K2ARB – here is an update on the Buoys:

Hi Kids! Deployed NOAA Global Drifter Buoy ID#145779162 at 3-17-2016 1105Z at S 49 d 23m / E 42 d 00m / our speed 10kn / height 3 meters. 73! Adam K2ARB

I am in touch with NOAA and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and will they will let me know as soon as their systems are ready to display the tracking of these new buoys.

73, Rich KY6R

3 thoughts on “First Pictures from the Braveheart as They Pass The Half Way Point!

  1. Jan ZS6BMN says:

    Thank you very much for this update! I just love the photos!

    I cannot help, but wonder whether I am the only one that did not know about all the fantastic functions that were imbedded in the DeLorme Tracker? Only now discovered that each dot on the track contains full LAT and LON data together with speed and other vital information. So easy to convert that to the Grid Square locator for that position!

    To me those letter messages were a great ‘discovery’ too! Like the silly old fool that I am, I was still monitoring for WSPR transmissions on 30m! Did not see any spots from 10m yet so maybe, just maybe, others are still on 30m?

    And so too did I find the drifter beacon serial number!

    Fantastic and like a kid in a candy store I do not know what to try out next😊!

    Thank you! I suppose Adam is behind most of this so a special big ‘Thank You’ to you, Adam!

    Great on reaching the halfway mark and wishes for smooth sailing the rest of the way to Heard Island!

    73 de Jan, ZS6BMN

    1. ky6r says:

      And thank you for your help! Things are really getting interesting now as they steam ahead on their way. I’ve been very pleased that the team looks like they are doing well – and that while the seas can be rough, they aren’t all just hunkered in bunks. Which means they have lots of smiling faces and are totally psyched up to get on the air and start handing out ATNO’s to The Deserving . . . 73 – Rich

  2. kathleen erickson says:

    Six meters! Hang on please.Love getting the updates.Everyone at home is thinking of you and sending their love.Kay

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