VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

WSPR ZS6KN ZS6BMN 14 March 2016

WSPR has eclipsed the DeLorme Inreach tracker in importance.

WSPR MAP ZS6BMN 14 March 2016

WSPR gives one piece of information that is critical to those chasing the “CQ DX Field Award”, and that is Grid Square. The Grid Squares that the VK0EK Team are traveling through are quite rare for this award.

A few days a ago, we received support tickets via our “Contact Us” link, and they were from CQ Field Award Chasers. They wanted to know the grid square’s of their ZL/ZS9HI/MM QSO’s. WSPR to the rescue on this one! (By the way, our Helpdesk system is working wonderfully well – more on this aspect of the project later).

We would like to thank Jan, ZS6BMN for another WSPR report – this was one of our “science projects” that has already proved very useful for those chasing CQ Field.

Lastly, we had several inquiries regarding the use of our “funny” long Maritime Mobile call. Bernie, W3UR of The Daily DX, confirms that we are in fact following the proper protocol. We admit – its a bit odd – but it is the proper way to sign.

Remember – all VK0EK QSL’s will go through our QSL manager – and all /MM QSO’s QSL through the QRZ.COM contact information.

73, Rich, KY6R

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