VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


(click on the map for a larger view)

The Tracker is working again – albeit with a funny “gap” in plotted markers. But if you click on what looks like a little note icon, you can see that they are reporting “Gentle Swells”. This confirms what I had expected – that if they have been on the radio the last 2 days – that conditions would have been “gentle enough” to allow for that. I do not expect that they will be on the air if sea conditions get rough.


Here is the current windyty.com wind map – as you can see – they seem to be in that blue area, and that there does seem to be a breeze at their backs. This line does seem to go straight toward Heard Island, but you can see in the previous map just how far away Heard island is.


The waves look quite good for many miles- in fact all the way until they get to the Kerguelin Plateau area. The skipper of the Braveheart is well seasoned to travel the best and safest path, and so every day we see the team on the air is a “good day” for sure – both because the DX Cluster shows spots that say “Good Op / Great Signal” and because we also know that several team members are obviously very excited to go and activate Heard Island.

73, Rich, KY6R

One thought on ““Gentle Swells as We Track 2 Days Out of Cape Town” . . .

  1. Alain FASSOT F5OEV says:

    Very good signal this afternoon in France on 15m with ZL/ZS9HI/MM Have a good trip and i hope to catch you on Heard Island.

    73 Alain F5OEV

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