VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

VK0EK tem on Braveheart

The VK0EK Team Aboard the Braveheart ready for departure.

Braveheart going astern from dock in Victoria Basin

Another view while still at the dock,

Braveheart leaving harbour

Leaving the harbour,

Nigel and Brenda watching Braveheart leave Cape Town

Nigel and Brenda watching as their son, Matt pilots the ship to sea,

Braveheart on her way

And they are off to sea. All photo’s by Paul, ZS1S

We want to again thank Paul, ZS1S, the South African Hams, SAANA, the AAD and our good friends at Orkin for several days of very hard work preparing, and to Paul for months of key strategic planning in Cape Town.

And of course to all the families of the team and the team itself for making this all possible.


Rich, KY6R

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