First Team Meetings in Cape Town!


Meeting in Cape Town

(L to R): Ken Karr NG2H, Adam K2ARB Shipping agent Peter Meihuizen, local team host Paul ZS1S, Bob Schmieder KK6EK


On the dock where we will stage the equipment

(L to R): Adam K2ARB, Paul ZS1S, Ken NG2H


Rich, KY6R


4 thoughts on “First Team Meetings in Cape Town!

  1. What kind of dangers will you face? And I don’t mean running out of coffee. Rough seas? Bad island weather? Poisonous creatures?

    Somewhare I missed the approx. frequencies you’ll be on. This will be my first attempt to comtact a DXpedition.

    Mike K6VGQ, Hemet, CA

    • Rough seas and bad weather. A 10 day journey just to get there and then to leave and end up in Perth, Australia. The landing with zodiak’s and then carrying tons of gear to camp. Some equipment might fail – but the team is prepared with backups.

      All of the ingredients to make an exciting adventure, but glad you asked – this team is living a dream but also really going the distance for the DX Community.

      We wish the wind at their back, calm seas and a wonderful adventure!

      On the frequencies, I plan on posting the band plan soon. It will have its own special menu item.

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