VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

The March 2016 issue of QST includes a nice account of the radio history of Heard Island, as well as the alert that the island will become active again in March, after 19 years of silence
Feb. 18, 2016. Carrying on a multi-decade tradition, Bernie McClenny W3UR, presents the Hows DX? column in QST each month. In the current (March, 2016) issue, Bernie reviews the political and radio history of Heard Island, including the discovery of the island in 1833 and the first amateur radio operation in 1947. A fascinating fact about those early years is that there are numerous descendants (even children) of those early explorers alive today.

Bernie then advises what most DXers probably already know: that after 19 year of silence, Heard Island will once again be on the air, this time as VKØEK. Of course that is what this project is about, and most readers of this column are already familiar with the project (3 years in the making!). For us, Bernie’s column marks a milestone: a month from landing on the island and setting up the operation.

As you might imagine, these are busy times for the team and supporters. Although the major gear is already in a warehouse in Cape Town awaiting our arrival, now there are so many details, so little time. Just in case you missed the last Newsletter, which featured a chart of the extended team necessary to make this happen, you can download it by clicking on the image above.


The 2016 Heard Island Expedition logo. This logo is available on mug and tee-shirt souvenirs. Click to enlarge.
Feb. 18, 2016. We are pleased to present the official 2016 Heard Island Expedition logo. The two images above are (left) obverse and (right) reverse of the logo. They will be used on our souvenir mugs and tee-shirts (see /SOUVENIRS/).

You are welcome to download these logos and use them wherever you wish. Click on the images above for an enlargement. Click here to obtain the original Adobe CS6 Illustrator file (931 kB). We suggest that if you are a sponsor of the expedition (i.e., your name appears on theSPONSORS page), you might wish to grab this logo and display it on your own web page to show off your sponsorship, the same way clubs and foundations do. You might even attach a link to the logo pointing to either the EXpedition or the DXpedition.

Co-Organizer Rich is offering a different set of VKØEK DXpedition souvenirs with the nifty radio logo (left). Click here to see those. The logo is especially apropos because less than three weeks ago Big Ben, the 9000-ft. volcano on Heard Island erupted. By a nice coincidence, a research ship loaded with ocean scientists was nearby and took photographs and video of the new activity. We hope that it will continue to erupt when the team is there in March!

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