VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Hams hamming it up at the 2013 ham fair in Tokyo. (Left) Expedition Leader Robert Schmieder KK6EK with Kan JA1BK. (Middle) A group of attendees at the banquet: JP7FSO, JA7HMZ, JA8CDT, JA1WSX, JR7CJS, and JH6RTO. (Right) Zorro JH1AJT hams it up with Kay, XYL of KK6EK.
Feb. 18, 2016. It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge the very generous support being received from DXers in Japan.

Almost every day there are donations from JA hams, some large and some small. Together these are providing a significant amount of support, helping ensure that the VKØEK team can continue to concentrate on the preparations and be free from the distraction of active fundraising.

Two of the most prominent Japanese DXers, Kan Mizoguchi JA1BK and Yasuo Miyazawa (Zorro) JH1AJT have made major donations in the Elephant Seal category (more than $1000). In fact, both of these donations were more than twice that threshold amount.In addition, another JA ham made a donation in this category, but wishes to remain anonymous.

We suspect that these famous hams have a stimulating effect on the JA DXing community, encouraging contributions via our PayPal link. Very often we see a cluster of donations which we think was stimulated by a meeting, a presentation, or perhaps an interview.

We send our deep appreciation to the three hams mentioned here, but also to the many JA operators who are adding to the certainty that this extordinarily expensive DXpedition will be a success. We like them to say:

I helped make it happen!

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