VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

22 thoughts on “Who Will Get on the DXCC Honor Roll with VK0EK?

  1. Koki says:

    I will be NUMBER ONE! My last DXCC country! 9A2TN, Koki

  2. Fabiano PY2IQ says:

    It will be my # 338 ! 73’s guys

  3. Lutz DL5KUA says:

    VK0EK will be the #331 für me! I wish the team all the best! Thanks guys and good luck! See you in the pile-up…

  4. Mike G3VAO says:

    VK0EK will be Number 337 for me Good Luck safe trip and most important ENJOY yorselves

  5. Warren Croke, NW4C says:

    Close but no cigar – unless something is deleted between now and Heard’s activation. : )
    If I manage to score a Q with VK0EK it will be number 330 . . .
    73 es GL everyone.

  6. w9rpm says:

    John Kjos W9RPM
    It will be my last one for Top of Honor Roll for me.

  7. David Chen says:

    it will be my #338, please give some chance to BY land.
    73 de BA4RF

  8. Fabio says:

    I have been waiting twenty years this expedition, for me it would be the 313 DXCC

  9. for me this is the last barrier HR #1 DXCC !
    73! de Yuri RN3OG

  10. Don Collinson says:

    Rich – VK0EK is my last one, #340 on the current list. Fingers crossed.


    Don, K2DC

  11. Dan walker says:

    Hello Rich, VK0EK will be #330 current toward cw HR, all at 5 watts, tnx fer making this dream come true.

    73 Dan WG5G

  12. George Yantis K0GY says:

    It will be my last DXCC to reach #1 Honor Roll.
    73, George K0GY

  13. Renner says:

    This will be my DXCC #338 and entrance for Mixed Honor Roll !
    Sure i will need to commemorate after the QSO! Hi !
    GL all the team!
    73 de Renner PY7RP

  14. Manuel Wilches says:

    …it will be HR for me as well. Its been a long journey, believe you me!
    Have fun, be safe and listen for South America. 😄

  15. Marcelo Gomes says:

    VK0EK will be my ticket to the CW HR and my #337 Mixed


    Marcelo, PY1KN

  16. Tom says:

    Heard would (will!) be #333 mixed for me and get me one closer on phone and CW. Hoping my signal(s) make it past Big Ben and into your log.

    Tom, K8BKM

  17. Mark says:

    This would be my last one for top of the honor role, and country # 360 overall. My fingers are crossed. WA0MHJ

  18. Tim says:

    VK0EE will give me #1 Honor Roll on phone AND Honor Roll on RTTY!

    Tim K5AC

    1. Sante says:

      My last DXCC country !! IZ6CST , Sante !

  19. Tino VK3EGN says:

    VK0EK should be either #340 or #399 for me. Depend on how quickly I get FT4JA.

  20. Andrea says:

    VK0EK my LAST ONE tank you very much Andrea IV3SKB #343

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