VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Kevin is one of only a handful of surviving Giant Macquarie Island Killer King Penguins (Penguinius Rex Macquariensis Homicidius Giganticus).

Astute DX-ers have been circulating their praise and adoration for one of our team members and his time on Macquarie Island as VK0LD. Besides the fact that his call sign was the most excellent “KOLD” moniker, Alan Cheshire, VK6CQ has been mentioned in many DX publications for his approach to handling operators who might have proven themselves as being less than “The Deserving”.

VK6CQ Alan 1

Alan has extensive polar experience both in IT and Communications, and in fact, worked out the “Look Angles” for our satellite communications. He has worked in several polar places, (and notice the Mawson insignia on his shirt).  Mawson Peak is also known as “Big Ben” – the volcano that has erupted just this past week and which received International News coverage and was trending better than Donald Trump!

We would like you to comment on this blog if you remember “Kevin the Penguinator”. As we approach the team leaving for Cape Town, I have stumbled on at least 3 references to VK0LD and Kevin the Penguinator. All have commented that VK0EK will be in good hands with “The Penguinator”!

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