VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

DXA3 with equidistant-azimuthal world map

DXA3 with addition of Mercator projection. (left) The World. (right) Zooming in on a particular area of interest

Jan. 23, 2016. Pete Bourget W6OP as completed the upgrade of DXA to its current version DXA3. Among several new features, Pete implemented access to Google Maps. The DXA1 and DXA2 versions used an equidistant azimuthal map that shows the entire world, with the DX location at the center and DXers logged within the last minute appear as flags located on their QTHs. Now, you can click on the “Select Map” link (at left) and switch to the Google Mercator projection. This will enable you to zoom to any area on the Earth, so you could watch the activity of a particular area, or even watch one particular DXer if you wish.

In addition, you will be able to click links at left to order your QSLs, souvenirs, and make a voluntary donation, as well as get HELP on DXA. We hope you will watch DXA during the VKØEK opperation, and we hope you enjoy it!

To see the live simulation of DXA, click on any of the images above, or go to




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