VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


The Braveheart is on its way with the VP8 Team, and we wish them all the best – may the wind be at your back and Godspeed for a safe journey. Here is the 14 day weather forecast for Port Stanley in the Falklands:


The temperature range is exactly what we have been having in Northern California recently. It looks like it will be a bit windy on their trip to, but then the wind seems to calm down while they are on island. “More sun than clouds” sounds great – lets hope this holds true for them.


VK0EK Team Leader, Bob – KK6EK and Nigel Jolly, Captain of the Braveheart


Arliss Thompson, W7XU

If you hadn’t noticed, Doctor Arliss Thompson, W7XU is on both the VP8 Team as well as the VK0EK Team! This is quite an amazing voyage and adventure.

Some of us worked VP8IDX/MM last night and their signals were S9 +15 dB in the San Francisco Bay Area on 40M. We anticipate a fun and exciting DX-pedition coming up very soon. With K5P also getting ready – what a wonderful time to be a DX-er!

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